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Would You like to Lose 20lbs of Stubborn Body Fat
In 42 Days or Less?
Tired of using willpower and calorie-cutting to lose weight?
Looking for a better, easier solution?
Take the 6-week fat-loss challenge and gain the body of your dreams… even if you have “tried and failed” many times before!
Want to failure-proof your health and fitness goals?

If you answered “Yes”, you’ve come to the right place. In this letter I’m going to show you how to set a weight-loss target and hit it every time. 

And you can do it without stress, without spending more time at the gym and without restricting your calories or cutting out carbs. 

Sound intriguing? 

The answer is pretty simple and doesn't cost you any extra time or money. 

But before I explain this little-known formula for fat-loss, we need to understand the problem before we can solve it.
If What You’re Doing Isn’t Working, the Answer Isn’t “Try Harder” the Answer is to “Try Something Different”
Do you have an area of your life where you excel? 

Maybe you’re a star performer at your job or you’re an excellent parent…

But you can never seem to crack the code of fitness and change your physical reality? 

The reason isn’t because you’re not motivated or smart. No. The reason is that you’ve been following a flawed model based on outdated exercise physiology and behavioural psychology.
Don't Worry ...
I’m not going to ask you to eat 6 meals per day or weigh all of your food. 

Most people don’t have time for that, and even if they did… it doesn't make that much of a difference. 

I’m not going to ask you to “move more and eat less”—you need more specific advice and steps than that. 

And I’m not going to ask you to “do more cardio”. The truth is, excessive cardio can actually lead to fat gain. 

I’m going to give you a fat-loss blueprint that goes against all of the health and fitness advice you hear about from the media and celebrity personal trainers. 
You see the secret to losing up to 5% of your body fat in 42 days or less is...
Using Your Body’s Fat-Storing Hormones AND... Making Sure Never Fall off the Program
These People Took The Challenge
This Program Works For Anyone Who…
Look we’re all human. That means that we fail to stick to commitments all the time. 

But you can use this to your advantage. If your psychology works for you rather than against you… then you’ll never fail…
  • If you’re willing to bet on yourself and use “loss-aversion” techniques, you will complete this challenge...
  • ​If you message your coach every week and track your progress, you will complete this challenge...
  • ​If you post to your private Facebook group and post your success, you will complete this challenge...
We know that:
+ our workouts 
+ our diet plans 
We’ve tested these on thousands of students over the past 10 years and gotten amazing results.
Our Special Sauce: 
Compliance is Our Science
I’ve always told my training clients two harsh truths: 

“The best diet is the one you’ll stick with” 


“The best workout plan is the one you’ll do.”

You see, having an Olympic coach planning your weekly meals for you, makes no difference if...

You don’t follow it. 

Or having me give you custom workout plan… a plan that will GUARANTEE you get the body you want, makes no difference if…

You don’t use it. 

I’m going to tell you something that most trainers don’t have the balls to tell you: 

I’d rather you follow a sensible diet and a basic workout plan than half-ass some fancy new celebrity workout.

Intentions mean nothing. And plans are just potential. 

You won’t see any changes in the mirror until you stick to something. 

That’s why our program is all about accountability and consistency. 
But what if I don’t like the diet plan?
We offer different diet plans you can choose from:
- Intermittent fasting
- Ketogenic
- Vegan/vegetarian
- Standard/carb cycling
- One meal a day

They ALL WORK. Choose the one that suits your lifestyle and taste buds.
But what if I don’t have time to go to the gym every day?
Great! The truth is, over-training can slow down your progress. During the challenge you will only have to go the gym 3 times per week.
How You Will Feel...
Imagine knowing that in 42 days you will be a completely different person… literally. 

You’ll not only have the tight body and vitality that you’ve been wanting to get back for years…

You’ll have much more than that. 

Something that will guarantee your success in all other areas of your life too. 

Something that nobody can take away from you. 

This: the habits and mindset of a fit and healthy person. 

These will ensure that you’ll keep the changes you’ve made… beyond the six weeks. 
Everything You Need to Achieve Your Weight-Loss Goals is Here
Here are the tools you’ll get at the start of your 6-week body transformation:
Private Facebook group full of like-minded people to keep you on track and make quitting impossible
Videos and instructions of your workouts from beginning to end
Access your meal plan whether you’re at the grocery store or eating out
Tips and lessons on how to get your psychology right to stay consistent and overcome cravings
This evolving three-phase approach is the only diet guide you will ever need for fast fat loss
HIRT Workouts
Full video exercise library. Burn fat faster than ever with our unique fat loss training styles like Cardio Acceleration, Metabolic Conditioning, and Rapid Fat Loss
This is your step by step workout blueprint for the next 42 days. You can record all your progress here to stay motivated
Three different diet options that burn fat fast
Dieting does not have to be boring. Eat something new and delicious every day with this challenge recipe book that goes hand-in-hand with your diet plan
Cooking doesn't have to take days or countless hours every week. These fully loaded instructional videos and PDFs will teach you how to prepare all 21 meals for the week in under 2 hours
It Took Me Ten Years to Learn How to Radically Change Someone’s Physique in 42 Days
The plan for this six-week challenge is the result of my life’s work. I’ve been testing, learning, researching fat-loss for the past decade. 

I’ve also been lucky enough to have access to many other elite fitness coaches. 

I’ve taken everything that I’ve learned and everything that has worked for my clients, and put it into the Gravity Transformation Challenge.
Here’s The Secret to Any Radical Body Transformation…
Stop Trying To Do It Alone

When I first started training at the gym as a teenager, I spun my wheels for years. I didn’t know how to squat, I didn’t know how to use the machines, I didn’t know what program to follow. 

So I just did what I knew: a few minutes on the treadmill and some ab crunches. 

Same old routine over and over, same old results over and over. 

Sound familiar? 

I was too embarrassed and too stubborn to ask for help. 

All my friends were stronger than I was. They all had better bodies and were more confident and outgoing because of that. 

I just watched, tried to figure it out for myself and kept doing the same routine at the gym and eating the same way. 

And nothing changed. 

After three or four years of this, I had a big realization that changed my life. 

I swallowed my pride and said to myself: 

“My way isn’t working.” 

Wow. It took a lot of guts to admit that I didn't know it all and that I couldn’t do it all by myself. 

That’s when I started involving other people. I found a training partner to work out with every week. We pushed each other. 

We became INVESTED in our own success and other people’s success. 

That’s when everything changed for me. 

That’s when the lightbulb went off. I knew that if I could become accountable to others, I could stay on track and achieving my goals would be inevitable. 

I achieved my fitness goals and I helped other people achieve their is. 

It was win-win. 

Are you ready to be the candle that lights other candles? 

But before you join, I should warn you…

Maybe it’s not the right time for you to start with journey with us.
Warning; This 42-Day Fat Loss Challenge Is NOT For Everyone
We’re very selective about who we let join our program. The Gravity Transformation process is NOT for you if:
  • You are unwilling to change your beliefs about conventional fat-loss advice: “You must cut out carbs”, “You must workout 6 days per week”, “You must burn more calories than you take in”, etc. 
  • If you want to hold on to these ideas and you don’t want them questioned, please keep looking around for another solution.
  • You’re not willing to stick with us. Our successful students stay on track by implementing tiny, daily habits: they’re active in our Facebook group, they take photos of their grocery shopping, they check in on social media when they workout at the gym. 
  • If you’re not willing to take small steps to put yourself out there and stay on track, please don’t join. 
Why it Costs Just $100 to Join This VIP Challenge
In my ten-plus years of training clients and helping them reach their fitness goals, I’ve learned one life truth: 

“When people pay, they pay attention.”

I could have made this challenge FREE, but you know what?... If I did guess how many people would give it 100%, stick with the program and change their bodies to the point where they friends say: “Wow! What happened to you?” 

Can you guess? 

Right: ZERO. Everybody would find some excuse not to follow through: 

My boss made me work overtime so I missed my gym session.” 

“I didn’t do grocery shopping so I had nothing to eat in the house besides cookie dough.” 

“I didn’t get much sleep last night so I didn’t feel like working out.” 

And so on. 

Listen: We all have stuff going on in our lives. But the difference between those who get the body and the life of their dreams is that they SHOW UP. 

They stick with the plan. 

And they do that by putting some skin in the game. 

So that’s why I’m asking you to put a $100 bet on yourself. It’s not a crazy amount. But it’s an amount that you care about losing and that’s the key. 

If you care about losing it then you will work your ass off to make sure that you lose the 20lbs or 5% body fat by the end of 42 days. 

And think about this: $100 dollars is NOTHING compared to hiring a personal trainer. 

For example, if you were to hire me for one-on-one training in New Jersey, $100 dollars wouldn’t even get you and hour with me. 

I’m booked up with people wanting to pay me more than $100 per hour to train them. 

And I can accept or turn down these people because I’ve built a successful track record of happy clients who recommend my services. 

So if you wanted to hire me for 42 hours, that would cost you over $4,000. 

And remember… if you achieve your goal… you get your money back.
Our Unique Upside-Down Guarantee
When you lose 20lbs (or 5% bodyfat) we'll refund your money in full!

We’re disrupting the fitness industry in many ways.
  • Everyone else is telling you cut out carbs, we don’t 
  • Everyone else is telling you to eat 6-8 meals per day, we don’t
  • Everyone else is offering unconditional guarantees, we’re not
We’re a bit different, because It WORKS. 

But why would your business model lose money if people succeed? 

Good question. 

Here’s why: We want you to commit to a long-term lifestyle change, way beyond the 6 week body transformation challenge. 

So, that’s why we're offering you this benevolent bribe to get you started. 

We know that you’ll LOVE the results so much and you’re realize the power of applying behavioural psychology results to get you to take action…

That you’ll become students for life. 

Because you love the results. 

We're willing to lose your money and give it back to you with a smile.

So, when you lose 20lbs (or 5% bodyfat) we'll refund your money in full.
Act Fast: Only 100 37 Spots Available
Once we get the 100 students in the challenge, we’re closing the doors. 

Why are we limiting spots? 

We want to give each student 100% of our focus, time and attention. The more students we have, the less one-on-one time our coaches can give you. 

We want quality not quantity. I would rather have 100 committed serious, action takers than nine thousand action fakers who are going to quit and make excuses. 

If you email me after the deadline and ask “Could you squeeze me in?” I'll have to politely turn you away. 

I do this because I believe in honesty and consistency. 

I’ve built my whole career and physique on those values. I wouldn’t have the body I have now if I had said to myself; “Just a little piece of cheesecake won't hurt.” 

Or “Just take it easy in the gym today, one half-assed workout won’t hurt.”

When I make a commitment, I’m serious about it. So believe me when I say no more than 100 people can take this journey with us. 

If you want to be part of this VIP group—move now. I can’t even guarantee there will be spaces available when you read this page. 
What’s Holding You Back?
If you’re here then something you’re doing isn't working. 

As they say: 

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.”

If you’re serious about looking great and getting a body you can be proud of… 

You need to change your approach. 
The First Day of The Rest of Your Life...
This is just the start. 

Real life changes go way beyond 42 days. But I’m giving you a chance to take the first step. 

And you won’t take it alone—you’ll have coaches and peers alongside you the whole way, monitoring and pushing you to be your best. 

You CAN look great and feel great. And you can do it without sacrificing your favorite foods or living in the gym.
YES! I want to lose 20lbs of body weight in the next 6 weeks
Secure payments through paypal...
P.S. If you’ve read this far, I respect you, skimmers aren't serious. 

You're the type of person who is not afraid to make changes and take action to achieve your goals. 

I hope you’ll allow me to be a part of your journey to a new body and a new life. 

To your health and success, 
Max Posternak
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